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Can I Sue After an Accident Caused by Poor Road Maintenance?

The American Northeast is known for its severe winter weather, and this year has certainly brought its fair share of cold weather and winter storms to White Plains. Winter weather often creates slippery conditions that can significantly increase the risk of injury due to slip and falls or motor vehicle accidents. In addition to these risks, cold weather and snow or ice can also have a negative impact on the structural integrity of roads and sidewalks. 

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Posted on February 26, 2014 in Personal Injury

CPSC Issues Space Heater Safety Advice in Response to Bitter Cold across the Country

In the colder winter months, many New York residents turn to space heaters in an effort to keep their homes warm and their utility bills down. While potentially useful, space heaters are also capable of causing serious injury and extensive damage to property. Sometimes these accidents occur because of user error or carelessness, but other times they occur because of negligent manufacture or design or a manufacturer’s failure to warn about an inherent hazard. People who are injured by a malfunctioning space heater may be able to recover for their losses by bringing a legal claim against the party responsible for the malfunction. 

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Posted on February 12, 2014 in Personal Injury