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New York City Reaches Historic $5.9 Million Settlement with Family of Eric Garner

As a West Chester County accident law firm, our professional legal staff is equipped to help families navigate the murky waters of New York’s wrongful death laws. While pursuing legal action in the wake of a family tragedy may seem incomprehensible at the time, seeking redress to compensate for the all-encompassing loss of a loved one will reap enormous benefits in the end.

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Posted on August 31, 2015 in Personal Injury

Wal-Mart Faces Discrimination Lawsuits for Denying Benefits to Same-Sex Spouses

In recent years, advocates for the LGBT community have helped make great strides against employment discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender and marital status. Nonetheless, there is still work to be done, and a burgeoning class action against the Wal-Mart corporation highlights the possibly discriminatory policies with regard to employee leave, short-term disability, and similar benefits allegedly denied same-sex spouses.  Learn More

Posted on August 28, 2015 in Sexual Harassment and Discrimination