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Sexual Harassment and Discrimination

Wal-Mart Faces Discrimination Lawsuits for Denying Benefits to Same-Sex Spouses

In recent years, advocates for the LGBT community have helped make great strides against employment discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender and marital status. Nonetheless, there is still work to be done, and a burgeoning class action against the Wal-Mart corporation highlights the possibly discriminatory policies with regard to employee leave, short-term disability, and similar benefits allegedly denied same-sex spouses.  Learn More

Posted on August 28, 2015 in Sexual Harassment and Discrimination

NYC Mayor Implements ‘Undercover Applicant’ Initiative to Combat Employment Discrimination

The concept of employment discrimination covers a broad range of acts across the entire employment process – from initial application to termination and appeal. Employment discrimination is considered any adverse treatment against an employee or potential employee based solely on that employee’s membership in a protected class. 

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Posted on June 24, 2015 in Sexual Harassment and Discrimination

Detecting Discrimination in a Non-Compete Agreement – What Can You Do About It?

A non-compete or non-competition agreement is a contract between an employer and his employee that limits the potential business activities of the employee upon the conclusion of the employment relationship. In most cases, non-compete agreements will include both a temporal and geographic limitation restricting the employee from engaging in a substantially similar trade (i.e., stealing clientele) within a certain area for a certain amount of time. Non-compete agreements are often challenged in court, and for good reason.

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Posted on May 27, 2015 in Sexual Harassment and Discrimination

Employee Credit Checks: How Does New York Score?

According to statistics, nearly half of all U.S. employers rely on the information contained within a candidate’s credit report when making hiring decisions, regardless of whether the position actually requires strong credit or is even remotely related to the financial industry.

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Posted on March 25, 2015 in Sexual Harassment and Discrimination

The Basics of Language Discrimination Following Recent NYC Transit Authority Lawsuit

In a recent lawsuit filed by five non-English speaking plaintiffs against the New York City Transit Authority, allegations of unlawful discrimination and unequal treatment have highlighted an emerging trend in America’s most diverse city: language discrimination. 

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Posted on March 11, 2015 in Sexual Harassment and Discrimination

Election of Remedies in Discrimination Cases

Perhaps one of the most important decisions you and your Westchester County discrimination lawyer can make is which forum to pursue your employment discrimination case. There are, generally, two options. The employment discrimination case can be brought in an administrative proceeding through the New York State Division of Human Rights or you can choose to file a lawsuit in New York Civil Courts. The decision on where to file is critical to how your case will progress. 

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Posted on July 28, 2014 in For Our Clients, Sexual Harassment and Discrimination

What Damages are Available in Employment Discrimination Cases

One of the most common questions asked by people who have been unfairly discriminated against by their employer is “what damages can I recover in my case?” There are variety of damages that can be sought by your White Plains Discrimination Lawyers. Each type of damage is discussed in turn:


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Posted on July 5, 2014 in For Our Clients, Sexual Harassment and Discrimination