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Tax Assessment Challenges (Tax Certiorari)

Real estate tax certiorari refers to the legal process by which a property owner can object to and challenge the real estate tax assessment by the municipality.  The successful end result will be to reduce the property's assessment and lower the owner's real estate tax burden.

Lynch Schwab attorneys will represent clients in all aspects of tax certiorari proceedings to challenge real estate tax assessments.  Our goal is to help individual homeowners and businesses to reduce to the maximum extent of tax liability based upon real property assessments. Our attorneys can navigate the procedures to preserve claims, and represent clients throughout the process, beginning with the filing of a grievance, appearances before the Board of Assessment Review, filing of a petition, negotiations, trial and appeal if necessary.

We also recognize that tax certiorari proceedings do require the client to incur costs in order to save money down the road.  We understand that it is unfair for a property owner to pay large percentages of fees associated with saving on a tax bill, after only a small amount of negotiations with the Board of Assessment Review.  This is how we differ from many of the direct mail assessment challenge companies.  Our fees in this area are suited to the clients needs, and can be on a contingency basis, an hourly basis or a combination of the two. 

Practice Areas

  • Tax Certiorari
  • Appearances before the Boards of Assessment Review
  • Court Litigation
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution with Municipality
  • Trial and Appeal