Lynch Schwab, PLLC

Commercial Litigation and Collections

The growth of business requires companies to collect for the services rendered and the goods supplied. Lynch Schwab has represented small and large businesses in various commercial matters for breach of contract, accounts stated and other commercial actions. While it is always ideal to reach agreeable solutions outside of the courtroom, our Firm is prepared to aggressively represent its clients commercial interests, to commence suit when necessary, and to enforce judgments to collect on monies owed to the Firm's clients. Attorneys will work closely with the client to obtain all necessary documents, to develop the best litigation strategy and when in Court and when available, moving for judgment quickly.

Our Firm has provided experienced guidance to clients, and have demonstrated PROVEN results.  In one instance a commercial client of the Firm had sold nearly $500,000 worth of goods to a customer.  That customer had then failed to pay our client, and was in the process of selling its business without finalizing payments on their debt.  We were contacted and immediately commenced a lawsuit on the client's behalf. We were aggressive, we sought to be present at any closing on the sale of the business and had named the business owners as defendants in the suit.  Within only a few months following suit, our client was paid the principal owed, finance charges and was reimbursed for our attorneys fees by their former customer.  This is only one example of how our Firm will devote its resources to ensure our clients are protected.

Practice Areas

  • Collection of Debt
  • Contract Formation and Negotiation
  • Prosecution and Defense of Breach of Contract Claims
  • Counseling on Commercial Business Practices