Lynch Schwab, PLLC

Insurance Coverage

Lynch Schwab attorneys have worked for the insurance industry for years in providing legal services not only for insured's, but to the insurers as well. The Firm has the knowledge and experience to give guidance on a wide array of policy issues. Attorneys can review insurance policies, make coverage recommendations, and represent insurers in litigation. We have appeared in many actions to either defend an insurer against another's claim for coverage and to prosecute an action on behalf of an insurer to seek declaratory relief from the Court as to specific provisions of a policy.  We have also represented private individuals who were sued in similar actions by their insurer asking a court to absolve them of any responsibility in covering a claim. Our Firm works aggressively to represent the interests of our clients.  Recently, we secured on an insurer's behalf a significant contribution from another insurer for contribution towards a claim that had previously settled at jury selection.  The settlement was negotiated and finalized as our Firm proceeded toward the commencement of a declaratory judgment proceeding. 

As with our concentration, Lynch Schwab will handle all insurance matters in a cost-effective and aggressive manner to arrive at a solution meeting the needs of the client.

Practice Areas

  • Coverage Opinion
  • Litigation of “Bad Faith” Claims
  • Policy Interpretation
  • Insurer Counseling
  • Risk Retention Groups and Captive Insurance Formation