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Employee Discrimination

If you are currently experiencing employee discrimination, understand that there are several avenues through which you can raise a claim against your employer. However, as your Westchester County employee discrimination lawyers will further advise, federal and state laws impose a specific set of procedural steps for employees to follow in order to properly file and prosecute a claim against an employer for adverse workplace treatment. If you are ready to get started on your employee discrimination claim, we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible for legal assistance in properly raising your allegations of discrimination against your employer.

Filing your discrimination lawsuit under federal laws

Under federal laws, workplace discrimination lawsuits are handled by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) – an arm of the Executive Branch tasked with eliminating costly, unfair, and unproductive workplace bias. Under federal guidelines, an employee-victim must file a claim with the EEOC prior to filing an individual lawsuit for damages. EEOC claims may be filed in person or through the mail, and must contain specific allegations of workplace discrimination. Federal laws require employees to make a claim to the EEOC within 180 days of the last instance of alleged discrimination, or the cause of action will be considered waived. If you are apprehensive about filing a complaint with the EEOC, understand that federal laws also prohibit against retaliation by your employer – and you may initiate a separate complaint if you believe your boss has mistreated you solely due to your decision to report discrimination.

Discrimination procedures under New York laws

Following the filing of an EEOC complaint, you may pursue financial damages against your employer under New York laws with the help of your Westchester County employee discrimination attorney. A private cause of action begins upon the filing of a complaint in the New York Supreme Court either where you currently reside, your employer is located, or the discrimination took place. Your complaint must contain short, precise statements of fact detailing the nature of the discrimination and why you believe you have suffered physical or financial harm at the hands of your employer.

As your employee discrimination attorney will further advise, an employment discrimination lawsuit can result in a number of rewards for you as the injured employee. For example, you could win your job back if you were unlawfully fired based on a discriminatory motive. In addition, you could also receive back pay with interest if a court determines that you were wrongfully terminated and should have been permitted to work for the period of time within which you were terminated. You may also receive back benefits, such as health insurance coverage, if you were wrongfully denied such provisions due to your employer’s discriminatory policies.

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