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Big Firm Services. Small Firm Relationships. Innovative Ideas.

Welcome to Lynch Schwab. A full service law firm that focuses on your goals and you. 

We provide clients with thorough, cost conscious and effective representation.  All of our attorneys have previously trained at large litigation law firms, and are dedicated to providing the same services which a large firm can provide, but with the small firm personal client relationship.  

Our Firm is different from other law firms. We will use real and innovative means to achieve favorable results, while keeping in mind that our fees and expenses must be proportionate to the nature and seriousness of the case we are handling. We know that our attorneys must think beyond conventional methods when assisting our clients, and incorporate original ideas to achieve these results. Unlike many other law firms, we have put this philosophy to work and have the proven results to demonstrate how clients have benefited. Click Here For Examples of Our Proven Innovative Results.

Our Firm handles all aspects of the legal practice, representing major insurers, municipalities, small businesses, large businesses and individuals.  We also represent clients on non-litigation matters, such as real estate closings, commercial and business transactions and challenge to tax assessments.  Lynch Schwab, PLLC is a comprehensive full service law firm designed to help clients on a wide array of legal specialties.  

At Lynch Schwab, we handle all legal matters in every county in New York State, and can appear throughout all of Connecticut.  We maintain three NY offices for our clients' convenience: