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Bicycle Accidents: A New York Epidemic

No matter the weather, season, temperature or distance, New Yorkers will take to their bikes to avoid the hassle and headache of our infamous bumper-to-bumper traffic. Therefore inevitably, New York is one of the leading states in terms of bicycle accidents, injuries and fatalities – a statistic we hope to see decrease dramatically over the next year.

Nonetheless, a Westchester County accident law firm is one of the best resources for injured bicycle accident victims, and we encourage you to contact Lynch, Schwab & Gasparini if you or your loved one recently experienced a harrowing fall or collision likely caused by a distracted or inattentive driver. For more information, contact us right away at (914)-304-4353.

New York: Top Bicycle Accident State

In October, 2014, the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) released a study focused on the sole issue of serious injuries and deaths involving cyclists. According to the GHSA’s report, U.S. bicyclist deaths increased by 16 percent from 2010 to 2012, which is alarmingly disparate from the mere one percent nationwide increase in vehicular accident fatalities. Likewise, the percentage of bicycle fatalities involving adults aged 20 and older rose from 21 percent in 1975 to a whopping 84 percent in 2012.

The statistics also revealed some trends with regard to the type of cycling victim most often involved in a fatal bicycle crash. As many as three out of every four bicycle fatalities involved a male, and 69 percent of all bicycle fatalities occur in large- to medium-sized cities and urban areas. Alcohol intoxication and lack of helmet use are also cited as common factors in bicycle fatalities across all cases.

With regard to the states handling the highest numbers of bicycle accidents, six states made up 54 percent of the crash data, including: California, Florida, New York, Illinois, Texas and Michigan.

Help for Injured Cyclists

Due to the vulnerability of a bicyclist as opposed to a traditional motorist, injuries tend to be much more severe, even in low-speed collisions. Often, bicycle accidents result in life-altering spinal cord injuries or major head trauma, particularly for victims who were not wearing a helmet at the time of the crash.

Following a bicycle accident, victims and their families often feel overwhelmed by medical appointments, specialists, rehabilitation and medical bills. Further, a large percentage of bicycle accidents occur as a result of inattentiveness, sudden lane changes or other acts of negligence by motorists, truck drivers and even motorcycle riders.

Therefore, if you have been involved in an accident and believe it was caused by the recklessness of another driver, you may be able to recover from that person for the costs of your injuries, as well as for your pain, suffering and emotional anguish associated with the incident.

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If you are facing a personal injury, don’t delay. In New York, there is a limited amount of time within which a plaintiff must file his or her claim – typically just three years from the date of the crash. For help with your case, contact us today by calling (914) 304-4353.

Posted on February 11, 2015 in Personal Injury